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Word 2016 Expert for Mac


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Word 2016 Expert for Mac explores how to enhance long documents with episodes that include:  creating a table of contents,  generating an index,  adding footnotes and endnotes,  inserting bookmarks and cross references,  labeling figures with captions,  and citing references for a bibliography.  Also covered is how to create a master document and add sub documents for large projects.  Other topics in this series include how to collaborate in Word and through Office 365 online,  secure your documents,  and add or edit document properties.  While Word 2016 Expert for Mac is a continuation from the Word 2016 Advanced and Essentials for Mac series,  episodes can be viewed individually for specific topics or enjoyed in sequence.  This series is specifically for locally installed Word 2016 on Mac OS.


  • Each episode has downloadable files to help you follow along

  • You can pick and choose episodes by specific topic or can watch as a complete series

  • Enjoy cats, NSYNC, and some real-world examples to keep learning fun


Should have completed the Excel 2016 Essentials Course or covered all of the subjects taught within the Excel Essentials syllabus.

Target Audience

  • Users that need to create and manage long documents in Word for Mac
  • Users that want to collaborate with others with track changes and sharing online
  • Deeper understanding of securing documents