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Quality Online Courses

At online IT courses, we don’t believe in taking short cuts. We offer High-Level Courses to people who are serious about getting results and willing to work for it. 

100’s of Courses

Our courses are aimed at individuals who have an appetite for quality.

The reason that quality course providers still exist in this age of competition, is because the difference of result from low-level courses and high-level courses is huge.

Web Development


UX Design

Database Design



Intro to Coding

Apps & Games

Become an expert

We have seen thousands of enthusiastic learners come through our store and become experts in their field. It’s so important to get the correct training, and that’s what we offer!


Coding & Website development

Coding is essentially learning a new language. To learn to code is to learn something entirely new, which requires both left and right sides of your brain. To ensure that you get this right, the easiest way to start is to just dive in with one of our courses!


Graphic design vs web Design?

Although there is a lot of overlap, both variations of design offer distinctly different nuances which can be explored. If you’re interested in design, why not explore our courses on design?

Achieve your goals

Business courses

If you’re already at a level where you’ve developed digital skills, why not take one of our business courses to help you learn how to turn those customers into conversations.

My entire team was prototyping by the end of the first day!

We do all of our work in-house, meaning that we’re constantly looking to up-skill our staff. Online IT Courses gave us the platform to do this on an ongoing basis, and it’s been smooth sailing for years!

Alex Van Der Ross, Fixed Furnishings.