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Excel 2016 Advanced


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Excel 2016 Advanced explores ways to enhance Excel workbooks with topics in analyzing data,  collaborating and workbook security,  and adding graphical elements.  This series covers important Excel functionality such as format as table,  conditional formatting,   shared workbooks and tracked changes,   and data validation.  While Excel 2016 Advanced is a continuation from the Excel 2016 Essentials series,   it can be viewed as a standalone show for users looking to excel to the next level of skills.  This series is specifically for locally installed Excel 2016 on Windows operating system.


  • Analyse data with functions
  • Analyse data using functions and PivotTables
  • Work with tables
  • Create advanced formulas


  • Managing and organizing worksheets
  • Editing and formatting Excel data
  • Printing and saving Excel files
  • Using absolute, relative, and mixed references
  • Using formulas and functions in a worksheet

Target Audience

This course is aimed at the general office worker working on Office daily.