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EXIN Certified SIAM Foundation


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Service Integration and Management (SIAM) is a management methodology for environments where services are sourced from multiple service providers and not just a single service provider. In this series we explore the SIAM Eco-system including the business case for SIAM, the benefits of the methodology, the processes involved, and the challenges to implementing and maintaining the eco-system. This series also prepares you for the EXIN SIAM Foundation exam.


  • Understand the main concepts and processes of SIAM that are used in organizations,
  • Establish a SIAM ecosystem in order to better organize the organization's resources,
  • Provide better support during a SIAM implementation by understanding the main considerations for the most important processes,
  • Reduce risks associated with Integrated Services and the SIAM ecosystem,
  • Connect different practices with SIAM to boost and improve the organization’s service provision,
  • Integrate services by using different structures based on SIAM practices and methodology,
  • Recognize the key stages of SIAM implementation in order to better plan its roll-out,


While this course does not require any existing knowledge of SIAM. Knowledge of IT service management terminology is recommended.

Target Audience

Service Integration and Management Foundation is aimed at professionals who want to implement SIAM methodology in their organization and in particular professionals who are already working with IT Service Management processes. It is also intended for providers that want to implement and manage Service Integration and Management models.