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Python Data Model


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Python has a set of protocols that the language internally adhere to which provides the functionality for features such as iteration,  context manager behavior,  string representation of an object,  and many other things.  When you create custom classes in Python and make use of these protocols then you can create custom behavior in the context of iterations,  types,  comparison of objects,  operator overloading,  and much more.  Knowing about these will help level up your Python skills.  If you are ready to progress forward in your Python prowess,  then join us to learn more about the Python data model.



  • The Companies using Python
  • Different Applications where Python is used
  • Discuss Python Scripts on UNIX/Windows
  • Values,  Types,  Variables
  • Operands and Expressions


To best understand the Python Data Science course,  it is recommended that you begin with the courses including,  Introduction to Data Science in Python.

Target Audience

  • Anybody with an interest in Data Science
  • Anybody who wants to improve their data mining skills
  • Anybody who wants to improve their statistical modelling skills
  • Anybody who wants to improve their data preparation skills