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Google Cloud Platform – Associate Cloud Engineer


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In this you learn about exactly what this Google Associate Cloud Engineer course is and how this information can help you in your work with IT today.This course was specifically designed to provide a refresher of the topics of the GCP Associate Cloud Engineer Exam.  This course is designed for experienced GCP engineers that need a refresher of the objectives before taking the exam.  If you need more hands on help then taking additional course would be wise before taking the exam. During the course we will provide insight into the GCP Cloud Engineer exam and walk through main exercises around managing a GCP Cloud. 


  • Manage your GCP Cloud environment more efficiently
  • Learn how tp use the GCP gcloud commands needed for the passing of this exam
  • Learn how to size App Engine and Bigquery
  • Learn how to Secure Compute Engine
  • Learn the required Kubernetes commands.
  • Understand Billing in GCP
  • How to secure the GCP cloud with IAM and Cloud Identity


  • Access to a Google Cloud Platform account such as a free tier.
  • Using the Google Cloud Platform for six months or more
  • Someone who is able to provision services such as VMS, Networks, VPCs, storage and data services in GCP.

Target Audience

  • Someone who wants better insight into the Google Cloud Platform
  • Someone who wants to review the objectives of the Google Cloud Platform Associate Engineer Exam
  • Someone who wants to pass the Google Cloud Platform Associate Engineer Exam