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This is your go-to guide for the practical application of DNS,  the Domain Naming System.  Explore topics on supporting websites,  mail servers,  and more.  
In this episode,  Wes and Don discuss how to obtain information from a DNS server with the NSLookup command.  They explain the different modes interactive and non-interactive that an administrator can use and what these modes are used for.


  • Use DNS Express on the BIG-IP DNS system to accelerate DNS resolution
  • Cache DNS query responses on BIG-IP DNS to accelerate DNS resolution
  • Load balance DNS queries to a pool of DNS servers and monitor pool health
  • Configure the key features of the BIG-IP DNS system to perform intelligent DNS resolution
  • Provision the BIG-IP system for operation
  • Back up the BIG-IP system configuration for safekeeping
  • Describe how the Domain Name System (DNS) resolves host names into IP addresses


 Before attending would be helpful for candidate with limited BIG-IP administration and configuration experience.

Target Audience

This course is designed for network engineers,  systems administrators,  and anyone who is involved in managing DNS operations.