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Linux Security Techniques


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The Linux Security Techniques series introduces the viewers to the various security features found in modern Linux distributions.  Topics covered include data encryption,  auditing access,  SELinux and firewall configuration among others.  The series also lightly covers penetration testing to ensure that each security technique is implemented properly.


  • Server hardening
  • How to gain visibility into possible vulnerabilities.
  • How to assess security risks in your enterprise Linux environment.
  • How to deploy and use monitoring and attack detection tools.
  • The best techniques and tools to increase security.
  • The art and science of developing your Linux security policy and response strategy.


  • Basic understanding of Linux especially at the command line level
  • Understanding of core local system administration.
  • Understanding of networking concepts. 

Target Audience

 Any professional IT manager and administrator should benefit from this course.  Software developers who need to improve their knowledge of security concepts and strategies will also find a great deal of information that applies to their responsibilities.