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Version Control


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In this series,  we take a look what version control is as well as the use of version control when creating software.  After an overview of various version control systems,  Justin dives into the use of git and GitHub to manage projects.  Justin pays particular attention to the version control system and less on the programming portion for the first part.  He explores creating a git repository,  cloning repositories from GitHub,  committing changes to a repository,  using branches,  collaborating with git,  and more.  If you are looking to get started with version control,  specifically git,  then join us there.


  • Introduction to Version Control System

  • Terminologies and Types

  • Understanding SVN-Life Cycle

  • Understanding SVN-Life Cycle -2

  • Demo of Svn working repository

  • Working of Git


Basic knowledge of Windows Command line.

Target Audience

  • Anyone interested in using source control and specifically Git
  • Software engineers, developers, programmers new to Git
  • IT Managers or technical leads