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RESTful API with Express


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In this series,  we creates a RESTful API using the Express web application framework.  Justin review the process of setting up a Node-based project as well as installing the Express Node module.  After that,  Justin discusses important concepts and processes that are key in developing a RESTful API such as creating routes that correspond to data resources,  data modeling of those resources,  use of middleware to make the API a little more robust,  and adding a persistence layer to the API.  RESTful APIs are abound when developing software,  so if that sounds like something interesting to you,  then join us!


  • Install Node packages with npm
  • Develop REST API operations with Express
  • Develop callback functions to handle asynchronous events
  • Perform static code analysis of the application with ESLint
  • Run Mocha and Supertest unit tests on Node applications
  • Debug Node applications with the Google Chrome browser with Node inspector
  • Package Node applications


  • Working knowledge of JavaScript programming
  • Familiarity with web application architecture and REST API concepts

Target Audience

This course is designed for API developers who want to build REST APIs with the Node.js server runtime environment.