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Programming Fundamentals


  • 11:36:00

    Hours of learning

  • Presented by highly qualified, industry leading experts
  • 12 Months access
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Have you wanted to see what this programming thing is all about?  Do you have issues figuring out where to start?  Well,   this course will show you how to get things set up and start with the basics of programming using the Python programming language.   If you want to set up your machine,  understand the basics of Python,  and start understanding the basic tenets of programming,   then please join us!



  • Test and debug programs and program modules to meet specifications and standards.
  • Create programs that contain clear and concise program documentation.
  • Implement programs that use data types and demonstrate an understanding of numbering systems.
  • Incorporate both basic and advanced control structures appropriately into algorithms.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of structured design by implementing programs with functions,  including parameter passing and value returning.
  • Implement programs using classes, including strings and files.
  • Implement algorithms using one-dimensional and indexed data structures.


  • A desire to learn

Target Audience

  • cool kids
  • nerds and geeks