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PowerShell Scripting


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In this series,   you will learn how to write a PowerShell script.   We will cover the different components that make up a PowerShell script.  We look at variables,   arrays and hash tables.   We look at comparison operators,   logical operators,   assignment and arithmetic operators.   We look at and constructs,   including if,   switch,  for,   foreach,  do and while.  We will also look at creating a script module.


  • Powershell offers a well-integrated command-line experience for the operation system
  • PowerShell allows complete access to all of the types in the .NET framework
  • Trusted by system administrators.
  • PowerShell is a simple way to manipulate server and workstation components
  • It's geared toward system administrators by creating a more easy syntax
  • PowerShell is more secure than running VBScript or other scripting language


  • Experience with Windows Server administration, maintenance,  and troubleshooting.
  • Experience with Windows Client administration, maintenance,  and troubleshooting
  • Experienced in general Windows Server and Windows Client administration or already experience in administering and supporting Application servers and services including applications like Exchange,  SharePoint,  and SQL.

Target Audience

This tutorial has been designed for all those readers who want to learn the features of Windows Server 2012.  It is especially going to be useful for all those professionals who are required to install and use this operating system to perform various duties in their respective organizations.