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Intro to Vue.js


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Vue.js is a new kid on the block when it comes to frontend JavaScript frameworks.  Vue.js combines some of the feel of Angular and React while keeping the learning curve very small.  If you know JavaScript,   then you already know a good deal about Vue.js.   In this series,   you will learn how to get Vue.js setup,   use data binding,  see how to handle events and much more.


  • Set up and manage projects with the Vue.js CLI
  • Add, remove, and manage features with the Vue.js CLI
  • Use Vue’s reactivity features to build fresh, snappy user interfaces
  • Wield the power of dynamic CSS thanks to Vue’s CSS manipulation capabilities
  • Comprehend the differences among Vue’s data, computed, and method properties
  • Leverage Vue’s template language and directives in the HTML portion of components
  • Manage forms and respond to user input


The lessons in Learn Vue.js assume learners already have an understanding of object-oriented programming in JavaScript.  

Target Audience

This Vue.js course is apt for developers and designers who want to use Vue.js to create web applications.