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HTML5 Canvas Graphics and Animations


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    HTML5 Canvas elements bring art and animation to the browser.  In this series, we explore the capabilities of the HTML5 Canvas element in conjunction with JavaScript.  This includes simple "pen" drawings,  image displaying,  image manipulation,  and animations.  Knowing HTML5 Canvas provides a great way to start with in-browser games as well as expressing those artistic desires.


    The basic objective of this course is developing graphics in the web. With the help of the experience of the Java Script, new features of HTML5 are taught in order to put them to immediate use as HTML5 developers.


    • Basic knowledge on HTML5
    • Basic knowledge on CSS3
    • Basic knowledge on JavaScript
    • Curiosity to learn new technologies

    Target Audience

    • New beginners
    • Anyone who wants to learn HTML5 Canvas in depth
    • Anyone who wants to improve HTML5 Canvas skills
    • Anyone who wants to refresh HTML5 Canvas knowledge